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Hacked Ikea furniture fills this colorful coworking space in Madrid

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The boisterous interiors were inspired by Japan and New York, say the designers

Inside a playful coworking space in Madrid designed by Spanish firm Izaskun Chinchilla
Photo © Imagen Subliminal via Designboom

We’ve covered coworking spaces from the glitzy to the sleek and everything in between. But this is the first time we’ve seen hacked Ikea furniture embraced by a communal office.

Designed by Spanish firm Izaskun Chinchilla, this 100-desk coworking space in Madrid draws on playful elements of Japanese design (we see you, koi-shaped paper lanterns and ryokan-style conference rooms with sliding doors), as well as a loft-like open floor plan (hello NYC influence), and an impressive array of Ikea products.

Designboom notes that Ikea’s Svärta bunk and Fjellse beds—as well as drawers in the company’s Beddinge line—have been combined to form desks and areas to relax throughout the space.

In addition to seating for workers and glassed-in conference rooms, there is a stage “for impromptu performances.” And, lest you think you could escape the play-ification of workspaces in a modern office, there’s also a mezzanine-level suspended ball pit and a number of hammocks for, we assume, napping and meetings taken lying down.

Take a closer look around over on Designboom.

Via: Designboom