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Punchy shades of blue brighten this renovated bed and breakfast

Blue tiles and cobalt paint are used throughout this modest B&B

A bed and breakfast renovation by Nook Architects in Barcelona, Spain Photos by Nieve of Productora Audiovisual

Nook Architects used color to spice up this Barcelona bed and breakfast, which has beautiful shades of blue throughout the two-story space. Known as the Bed and Blue, this holiday accommodation is located in Barcelona’s Poble Nou District. According to Dezeen, it’s got four ensuite bedrooms and two communal kitchens, as well as communal living and dining rooms.

This was a complete renovation of the two-story property, and Nook left the original brickwork and wooden beams exposed. Large windows were installed along the rear of the building to bring in more light, while more modern wooden shutters were added to the front windows. In these bright spaces, there’s a hint of blue in every room: turquoise tiles were used to brighten the darker kitchen and bathrooms downstairs, while patterned blue tiles line the upstairs lounge and kitchen.

"On the first floor we used too a darker blue for the doors and bathroom furniture, considering that is an upper level and, consequently, brighter," the firm says of the color selection. "On the ground level we used the same blue from the tiles for the doors painting, and a brighter blue for the floor to compensate the natural light."

Creative, open spaces were designed for the bathrooms and bedrooms. In bathrooms, showers are located in an open space, separated from the toilets by a vanity with its own blue detailing. Upstairs, water-repellant brick walls separate the wash spaces. The bedrooms are painted simply in white, with wood floors and large glass doors that open to a small patio. A single rail across the opening of the bathroom was added to offer a hanging space for clothes.

The firm isn’t quite finished with the project, and plans to renovate the upstairs living room into two bedrooms with a private balcony area and bathroom.