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This ‘70s dome home compound in Australia is simply incredible

Yep, artists definitely lived here

geodesic dome home in Australia All photo courtesy Charlotte Peterswald for Property

We love a good dome home, especially one as unusual (in the best way!) as this one near Hobart, capital of the Australian island state Tasmania. Starting from the covered red front terrace to the bright school-bus-yellow sliding doors, you get the idea that this is a pretty special place.

Built in 1974, the geodesic stunner is the work of local creative duo John and Penny Smith—he a furniture designer and maker, she a ceramic artist and designer (John passed away in 2015.)

The three-bedroom, roughly 1,860-square-foot abode comprises triangular elements made from fiberglass and perspex—a type of clear acrylic—creating a particularly sleek and futuristic appearance.

The interior, airy yet cleverly occupied, presents another “Wow” moment. The open-plan ground floor features a hexagonal yellow kitchen—complete with a hexagonal island—in the center, surrounded by the open living and dining area, two bedrooms, and a bathroom and laundry area. A 550-square-foot wraparound porch can be accessed via the front foyer and the living area a diameter away.

Compact stairs in the foyer lead to a grand master bedroom loft, with a band of triangular “skylights” above and built-in storage benches along the wall.

That’s about it for the inside. The rest of the property has its own story to tell, with about 2,000-square-foot worth of workshop/studio/storage room area, a few other freestanding dome structures, and gorgeous mountain views.

The 2.3-acre property is currently being offered in a Expression of Interest process, which means all sealed bids will be entertained until a set closing date (in this case, February 2, 2017), after which the offers will all be considered with no guarantees of acceptance for the highest bid.

Want a dome home but preferably in the United States? Some of these may still be up for grabs.