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London’s iconic red phone booths reborn as tiny phone repair shops

The wee workshops can repair mobile devices in 30 minutes or less

red phone booth phone repair Lovefone

The British love their iconic red telephone booths. But in the era of smartphones and WiFi, they’re unquestionably obsolete.

Now, a London phone repair company called Lovefone is aiming to transform more than half a dozen of these phone booths into satellite outposts. Their first miniature location is already up and running in Greenwich, offering mobile phone repair as well as free charging.

The company has plans to outfit another six telephone boxes in London with the eventual goal of opening 35 new locations in the next 18 months.

“The idea to use London’s phone boxes as mobile repair shops seemed obvious since we can perform repairs in the smallest spaces,” reads Lovefone’s website. “Finding skinny-enough repairers to fit inside them may be our biggest challenge now.”

Via: Inhabitat