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Ikea’s sleek new bike is now available for $500

Perfectly low-key

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Ikea bike All photos courtesy Ikea

Are bikes made by furniture companies the next big thing? Seeing how there’s a turning tide toward more and safer biking in cities around the world, it certainly would make sense.

Yesterday, we learned that minimalist furniture brand Blu Dot has started selling an equally clean-lined $799 bike. Today, the spotlight shifts to Ikea, whose low-maintenance everyday bike, SLADDA, is now available for purchase online (and in stores starting this February.)

The grey, aluminum-frame bike fits wheels of two sizes—26-inch and 28-inch—and features automatic gears, and a rust- and oil-free belt drive. Pale wood strips lining the back seat and front basket—both sold separately—add a very Scandinavian touch.

Also available in the range of compatible accessories include a 58-inch long trailer and an attachable bike bag that can also be used as a backpack.

One thing to note: the SLADDA costs $499 for U.S. customers, a drop from the €699 (about $789) price tag announced last spring for the European launch.