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Go deep in an eerie "underwater museum" in the Atlantic Ocean

It’s haunting—and gorgeous

British artist Jason Decaires Taylor’s underwater museum, off the coast of Lazarote, Spain, includes some 300 submerged sculptures.
Photos via Designboom

Add this to the travel bucket list: A British artist, Jason Decaires Taylor, has finished work on a 300-sculpture underwater museum off the coast of Lazarote, Spain. Installation kicked off early last year, with the first group of works going up on their watery site in February, submerged some 45 feet below the surface.

Dubbed the Museo Atlantico, the enigmatic gallery on the ocean floor includes dreamlike humanoid statues “walking” toward an intricate, 98-foot-long gate entitled “The Portal.”

Of course, scuba divers and vacationers aboard glass-bottomed boats aren’t the only visits the museum is meant to attract: the museum doubles as a habitat for a number of sea fauna, from fish to octopuses to urchins.

To call the sculptures on display “eclectic” doesn’t quite seem to cut it: There’s an installation of what appears to be a pile of bodies (!) arranged in a circle; a sculpture of a person on what looks suspiciously like a funeral pyre; and more. Take a look.

Via: Designboom