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New convention center in Rome is the city’s largest building in over 50 years

It comprises a hotel as well

Glass and steel structure houses an abstract cloud within it.
New Rome/EUR Convention Hall and Hotel references the city’s 1930s rationalist architecture.
Photos by Leonardo Finotti via Dezeen

Here’s another building that incorporates an abstract volume into an enormous glass structure à la the recently opened European Union office in Brussels. Located in Rome and designed by international firm Studio Fuksas, the New Rome/EUR Convention Hall and Hotel comprises several structures including a hotel tower and a convention hall contained in a glass cube within which conference rooms are seemingly “suspended” within a cloud-like complex.

Called the Theca, the steel-and-glass box houses the organically-shaped “Cloud,” which takes its shape from a “metal skeleton” clad in a curtain measuring 15,000-square-meters (161,000 square feet) of advanced-membrane fiberglass and silicone. Contained within the Cloud is an auditorium accommodating 1,800 people, snack points, and support rooms. Below that are parking facilities.

Including the 439-room hotel (housed in a building called the Blade), the center, the largest building to be completed in Rome in over 50 years, has a total building area of 55,000 square meters (592 square feet). Head to Dezeen for more.

Via: Dezeen