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Lego-style prefab buildings quickly add 4,000 square feet to these schools

The structures were erected in just two weeks

prefab classroom in France PopUp House via Business Insider

It’s no secret that architecture nerds tend to love both Lego blocks and modular buildings. In Indre-et-Loire, France, a pair of private high schools have combined those obsessions to cleverly expand their education space. The schools teamed up with designers at Multipod Studio and Arc A3 Sud Touraine, as well as prefab construction company PopUp House, to quickly add additional classroom space.

PopUp House has a proprietary snap-together system for assembling their pre-made components using only a screwdriver. The insulated panels are lightweight, affordable, and made of recycled materials. The finished buildings are passive, consuming very low amounts of energy to heat and cool.

Conventional construction would have been far too expensive for the schools. Building with PopUp House costs between $1,200-$1,900 a square meter (about $111 to $176 per square foot) in addition to a $1,640 fee for assembly instructions.

The two modular buildings, one measuring 1,614 square feet and another measuring 2,422 square feet, were erected in just two weeks. Students began using them earlier this year.

Via: Inhabitat, Business Insider