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New wooden standing desk is Scandinavian-inspired and totally cute

It’s also 100% U.S.-manufactured and eco-friendly

Interior shot of brick-walled room with two standing desks made of wood facing each other. A woman stands at the taller one, while a child uses the shorter one.
The Jaswig StandUp Nomad is available in three sizes, including a wee-version.
Photos courtesy of Jaswig

Using standing desks is—in theory and in practice—a great way to incorporate a tad bit more activity into ones workaday life. Aesthetically speaking, however, the tall tables, typically clunky and industrial-looking—are less than pleasing to behold. Enter the Jaswig StandUp Nomad, a wooden standing desk that is adjustable, made locally with eco-friendly materials, and, most importantly, a pretty piece of furniture.

Inspired by simple, Scandinavian design, the StandUp is 100% manufactured in the United States and is crafted from sustainably-grown, Forest Stewardship Council-certified birch plywood. It can be assembled tool-free in under 15 minutes.

An ergonomic footrest provides comfort and assists with weight distribution, while the compact silhouette makes it easy to move around any room. Beneath the tabletop, which is available in a regular (20 inches by 25.5) and wide size (21.5 by 31.5 inches), is an opening for storage. There are nine different height settings, adjusted manually, starting at 36.5 inches and reaching a max height of 48 inches. There’s even a mini version for children ages six through 12. Prices begin at $299 for the children’s desk and go up to $499 for the wide version.