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‘Craftsman’ tiny house goes big on details

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interior of tiny house All photos via New Atlas

Since the beginning of the tiny house phenomenon, an enduring appeal has been how cleverly designers and builders stuff—or rather, painstakingly arrange—all sorts of nifty features into a few hundred square feet. Years have passed, tiny houses have matured, and we’ve come to discover that impressive micro dwellings can have virtually anything you’d want for a full-size house, and then some.

We see it again in “Urban Craftsman” from Handcrafted Movement, the same studio behind the Pinterest-ready “Artisan Retreat.” As its name might suggest, this 290-square-footer shows off tons of “charming details” one might look for in an older home, such as deep blue wall paneling and herringbone floors, which according to New Atlas, took some 80 hours of milling, installing, and waxing.

Other features to note: a curved oak butcher block countertop with the teeniest single-person “breakfast bar,” geometric open shelving, farmhouse sink (of course), pared-back loft under a skylight, built-in ceiling hooks, and LED lighting throughout.

The house may be mostly a dull grey on the outside, but inside, it’s all bells and whistles. And that’ll cost ya. The house is currently listed for $72,000, which is eye-popping, but still less than half of the price tag for a “vintage glam” tiny house with motorized furniture.

Via: New Atlas