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British designer Jasper Morrison creates perfect artist's studio for VitraHaus

It looks too good to be true

Interior shot of living room with large, cushiony sofa in ecru, several pale-wood coffee tables in front of it, and a shelving unit in black with pale wood braces behind it with small objects populating it.
That color palette. That sofa. That unanswerable question of, “Who lives here?”
Photos via Dezeen

This expertly-designed apartment—with its motif of circles, collection of smooth, organic lines, and a divinely balanced color palette—looks so perfect that you might be led to believe that it could not possibly be real. And you’d be right. That’s because the apartment belongs to a fictional character named Allard Pierson and the apartment is no home is at all.

In fact, the 1,615-square-foot space located on the first level of the VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein, Germany, the Swiss furniture company’s flagship store designed by Herzog & de Meuron, and was decorated by British industrialist designer Jasper Morrison using a mix of his own products and those of other designers.

The fictional inhabitant, as Morrison described to Dezeen, is “an abstract artist who doesn't exhibit his sculptures because nobody's interested in abstract art anymore, so he lives at home with them and occasionally invites people to dinner, to show them his new work."

He occupies a studio-cum-office that has been furnished with minimalist, contemporary pieces like a large, cushiony sofa in ecru, coffee tables made of pale wood, a sleek black dining table, wall-attached shelving in black with tan braces, and small objects like cushions and seating in more vibrant colors. Take a look below. Would you live here?

Via: Dezeen