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Penthouse revamp features wavy walls and steel-cage staircase

It’s located in the Wadi Abu Jamil neighborhood in Beirut

Interior shot of living and reception area showing white marble floors and a wall clad in wavy wood with a staircase enclosed in a white steel cage at the center.
The staircase is suspended from the ceiling.
Photos by Wissam Chaaya via Designboom

This stylish, trippy home located in the Wadi Abu Jamil neighborhood in Beirut’s Central District is characterized by wavy walls and a striking staircase encased in a cage of white steel that is suspended from the ceiling. Refurbished by Lebanese firm Platau, the two-floor penthouse accommodates a family of four and was re-envisioned to open up the space and create a more cohesive, flowing floor plan.

The biggest change was the installation of a double-height area encompassing the living room and entrance, which is clad in a skin of solid French oak slats that warps, giving the effect of vertical waves extending ceiling-ward. This wooden motif is also found in the dining room, which is enclosed behind folding doors. The skin is punctuated with vertical openings at places, while a curves of protruding steel functions as door handles.

The rest of the home has been minimally decorated with white walls and pale marble floors. The media room, however, features dark walnut built-in shelving and a dark grey backdrop where the television is mounted. Have a look, then head to Designboom for more.

Via: Designboom