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Adorable elementary school features mint-green pivoting walls

For maximum space and flexibility

Interior shot of floor featuring a classroom with fabric-covered walls whose sections pivot out into the larger room.
Pivoting walls enlarge the space as needed.
Photos by Lee Nam Sun via Designboom

This adorable classroom in Seoul features walls covered in a mint-green fabric that pivot, creating an adaptable, flexible space that can be used as a larger communal classroom, or two smaller ones for first and second grade students.

Renovated by Daniel Valle Architects, the interiors of DSSI Elementary School in Seoul were reconfigured to maximize space and promote collaboration and group activity—as needed. Two U-shaped classrooms have walls that feature glass on the top half to let in natural light, while sections of the bottom can be pushed out to open up the room to the rest of the floor.

That space is lined on one wall with individual work stations, while the opposite side includes seating and storage cubbies. Circular cushions (for sitting on the floor during group activities) hang on the classrooms’ outer walls, creating a playful—and functional—pattern. The subdued green hue is also repeated on the floor of the main space, the cubbies, and the geometric, metal-sheathed pendant lamps. Take a look below.

Via: Designboom