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Huge NYC apartment is a nature-filled refuge in the sky

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Who says “indoor-outdoor” is only for the West Coast?

view of Upper West Side New York City
View over Upper West Side in New York City
Photo via Flickr

Some people in New York City would be lucky to afford a new micro apartment of some 300 square feet, but for those with truly deep pockets, an expansive duplex combining multiple apartments is well within the realm of possibility. Just check out this eye-popping project from Andrew Franz Architect, the NYC-based firm that’s certainly no stranger to spectacularly spacious homes in the big city.

Located on the Upper West Side, the 8,000 square-foot pad is an indoor-outdoor refuge in the sky, with parts of three oddly-shaped units united by a 2,800-square-foot garden terrace. Where the exterior boasts lawns, herbs, and an outdoor kitchen, the interior further emphasizes a connection to nature with organic shapes and materials, such as a large staircase made of salvaged walnut slabs. And for good measure, all this looks out to a backdrop of Central Park.

Via: Designboom