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1920s building is transformed into an eclectic theater in Barcelona

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Old mingles with new in surprising ways

Interior shot of a marble staircase with a wooden, geometric railing with pale pink siding, and walls that are intentionally left peeling, with old tiling and plaster work left behind as well.
Olds meets new in this renovation of a theater building.
Photos by Adrià Goula via Designboom

A beloved 1920s building in Barcelona has been restored and turned into a theater by local firm Flores Prats Architects. Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats began the project in 2011, transforming the former Peace and Justice Cooperative into a space that was informed by extensive research of the building’s activities as well as its architectural and environmental characteristics.

The result is Sala Beckett, an eclectic space devoted to promoting contemporary and Catalan theater and playwriting that encompasses exhibition halls, classrooms, a bar and restaurant, offices, and residences. A mix of old and new, Sala Beckett retains many aspects of the original building, like old masonry, plaster work, tiling, and painted walls, for example, which are combined with contemporary updates like glass partitions and lighting. Colors like bright green, pale pink, and vibrant red imbue the theater with life.

Talking to Designboom, the architects noted that the “ruinous state” of the original building inspired them to be “to take the ruin forward and make it a participant. [...] The challenge of the project is therefore to adapt the building to its new use without banishing its ghosts.” Take a look below.

Via: Designboom