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Minimalist French country villa with rooftop pool asks $2.5M

In Vaucluse, Provence

Exterior shot of vast, flat roof with a pool in it and a small bar with triangular awning.
Look at that pool. (And that view.)
Photos by Jérôme Fleurier via L’Exploreur

Winter has only just begun, which is why we’re daydreaming about sunnier days and a killer vacation house—like this one in the south of France. Set into a cliff in Vaucluse, Provence, the 3,200-square-foot modern, minimalist home was designed by Jean-Paul Bonnemaison (pun surely intended) and encompasses three floors, four bedrooms, a soaring, double-height living area with clerestory windows that are actually panels looking into the rooftop pool above it, multiple patios and courtyards, a double-flow hearth, and, as you might have guessed, much more.

The concrete structure features white interiors, polished concrete floors, sleek surfaces in the kitchen including a glass countertop—and not much else. But there is one surprising detail: aluminum shutters that have been water-jet-cut to create jagged, vertical patterns.

Other amenities include a summer kitchen, wine cellar, all-house sound system, solar panels, and rainwater collection. And the pièce de résistance is, of course, the expansive roof-terrace “mirror-style” pool, which affords stunning views of the surrounding mountainscape and the town of Le Beaucet. Available through L’Exploreur, it’s asking €2,360,000, or approximately $2,539,000.

Via: The Spaces