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Furniture startup Greycork now sells pegboard storage, desk accessories

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But only if they’re crowdfunded first

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pegboard wall accessory All photos courtesy Greycork

Remember Greycork, the startup offering design-minded, easy-to-assemble modern furniture for the post-Ikea set? After relaunching with an upgraded and expanded collection last summer, the Providence, RI-based company is venturing into a fun new category for the new year: minimalist home accessories.

But here’s the twist. Instead of letting you buy the products right away, Greycork is introducing them as “Concepts,” which are essentially their own crowdfunding campaigns. In other words, each design will only be produced if it hits a set funding goal, otherwise any pre-orders will be refunded.

Peg Board, $120

The first Greycork “Concept” is an aluminum peg board that has already surpassed its goal by 300 percent and is expected to begin shipping in mid-February. Long and narrow—and available in black or white—the peg board is designed to turn awkward, dead corners of your home into useful spaces. For $120, you get the board, plus an attachable wooden shelf and four hooks (additional shelves and hook are sold separately.)

Last week, Greycork unveiled its newest concepts: a container and tray that can also attach to the peg board, plus a pair of bookends. To match the peg board in look and feel, all three accessories fold up from a flat sheet of aluminum and come in black or white. These are all simple ideas, but everything in fits nicely into the pared-back, flexible Greycork sensibility, if that’s the style you’d like to buy into. A closer look, below.

Container, $25 (currently on sale for $18)
Tray, $25 (currently on sale for $20)
Bookends, $25 (currently on sale for $20)