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Tour Steven Holl's quirky, geometric house in upstate NY

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Inside the “Ex of IN House”

The quirky voids and volumes of the Ex of In House, by Steven Holl Architects, in Rhinebeck, New York take center stage in a new video tour led by Holl.
Photo by Steven Holl Architects via Dezeen

We first took notice of the Ex of IN house, by architect Steven Holl, last October, and were immediately intrigued by its quirkily geometric forms and abandonment of right angles in favor of curves, cut-outs, and other atypical shapes.

Now comes a video tour of the house—which nestles on a wooded site in the town of Rhinebeck in upstate New York—led by Holl himself, along with architect Dimitra Tsachrelia. Because the house is the result of work taken on by a research and development group at the practice, and is based on, we’ll take all the explaining we can get.

There is, as one should expect, some archispeak in here to wade through, but it’s worth it: the Ex of IN House is meant to challenge our notions about what a “typical” house does, is, and accommodates. And, of course, what it looks like. The Ex of IN House does both, with panache. Head over to Vimeo to watch.