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This irregularly-shaped home perches on a single concrete pillar

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It sits on a hill in Prague surrounded by trees

Exterior shot of a grey, irregularly-shaped home sitting on a concrete pillar on a sloped, grassy hill.
The home perches on a single pillar like a cake on a cake stand.
Photos by Tomáš Malý via Designboom

Now this home in Czech Republic is certainly unique. Designed by Jan Šépka, a co-founder of HŠH Architects, the aptly named House in an Orchard is located on an inclined plot in Prague surrounded by trees. Because of the slope of the site, the residence, built for the architect’s friend, perches on a single concrete pillar, like a cake on a cake stand.

Talking to Wallpaper, Šépka explained this choice: “Maybe it looks like a whimsical decision, but this solution actually saved a big amount of our budget. Considering the difficult conditions, a classical foundation would be more demanding financially.”

Encompassing three stories and 80 square meters, or about 861 square feet of living space, the structure itself is special. Shaped like an irregular blob, it features a wooden construction rendered entirely on the computer before the beams were cut on a 3D milling machine. This allowed for easy on-site assembly. The exterior is insulated with polyurethane and finished with a grey, waterproof outer layer.

The home is accessed by a steel footbridge, which leads to the main level, where the double-height living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom are located. The next floor comprises the master bedroom and bathroom, and the top a private office. Plywood lines the interior, creating a warm and simple atmosphere, while three floor-to-ceilings windows frame valley views. Take a look below.

Via: Designboom, Wallpaper

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