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Ikea’s new kitchen system is made from plastic bottles

The Kungsbacka line is made entirely of recycled materials

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Close up shot of black kitchen counter and cabinets with pale pink tiled backsplash.
The Kungsbacka line was designed by Swedish studio Form Us With Love.
Photos via Dezeen

Ikea has unveiled a sleek new kitchen system made from all recycled materials. Called Kungsbacka, the line of cabinets features a coating made from recycled plastic bottles—twenty-five per unit, while the structure itself is made from reclaimed industrial wood. The surface is finished in a dark grey matte that is meant to recall a nice black T-shirt.

Kungsbacka was designed by Swedish studio Form Us With Love, whose CEO Jonas Pettersson was concerned with thinking of the plastic bottle not as waste but as a resource. "We have to challenge the excuses for not using waste as a resource by showing how to best put these materials back into production, making affordable democratic products that will last," he told Dezeen.

The two companies worked closely together to develop methods of sustainable production that were not too costly, as a lot of sustainable design ends up being expensive. According to Form Us With Love, the cabinets are expected to last for 25 years. Ikea also recently announced new wedge dowel joints that are sturdier than the traditional bolting used on tables.

Via: Dezeen