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The converted industrial loft gets cool Parisian twist

Stainless-steel cabinetry: yea or nay?

The stainless-steel cabinetry and high, vaulted ceilings of this Paris loft are meant to call to mind New York’s converted industrial spaces.
Photos courtesy Abimis via Designboom
A view from the kitchen, with its stainless-steel island in the foreground, into the open-plan dining and living room. Sleeping quarters above are connected via a corkscrew staircase.

Yes, residential lofts carved from former industrial spaces are very much still a thing—and not just in New York City. We’ve spotted excellent examples of remade industrial spaces in cities as far and wide as Philadelphia and Beijing.

Here’s one to add to your list of covetable conversions: In Paris, local firm Festen Architecture and Italian studio Amibis collaborated on this 170 square-meter (just under 1,830 square feet) loft near the City of Light’s Place de la République.

Designboom says that the loft has a “contemporary industrio-archeological spirit,” which, while a mouthful, that seems about right: Broad gridded windows and steel trusses meet wood floors to give off an air of the kind of property you’d expect to find in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, not Paris’s 10th arrondissement.

Jury’s out on the stainless steel cabinetry, of which, at first, we quite liked the look, but fingerprints are bound to be an issue. It would probably be worth it.

Via: Designboom