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Live your best artist life in this eclectic guesthouse in the south of France

The 18th-century home has operated as an artists’ residence for 23 years

Two photos of the ivied facade of the guesthouse and gallery.
This is not your average guesthouse.
Photos by Cerise Doucede via L’Exploreur

Will the French real estate market ever tire of taunting us with its extreme-envy-inducing properties? We hope not, even if these villas and chateaus reduce us to tears. This village guest house in Saignon, Provence, in particular, has us clenching our teeth in agony over its beauty, its rustic charm, and its many, vibrant facets.

Take the floors, for example, where none are alike and all possess a unique characteristic, whether embedded with smooth pebbles, or tiled in red hexagons, or patterned with snowflake-like shapes, or laid with brick and unfinished planks.

Comprising guest rooms, an artist’s residence, and an art gallery, the 18th-century building offers four floors of eclectic architecture and decor, with walls painted in electric hues and adorned with the works of the many artists and writers that have passed through these doors over a period of 23 years.

Four floors cover 7,500 square feet and include a lounge with fireplace, two kitchens, a dining room, two cellars, a drawing room with an alcove, a small theater, a double-height artist’s studio plus two more, and, finally, a total of six bedrooms and baths. The grounds include a “wild garden” for the ultimate creative outlet. It’s available for €1,100,000, or approximately $1,180,000.

Via: The Spaces, L’Exploreur