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Trump’s infrastructure plan may focus on these priority projects

A leaked memo lists 50 “emergency and national security” projects purported to total $137.5 billion

Port Newark Container Terminal as seen from the New Jersey Turnpike.
Photo by Doc Searls via Flickr; CC BY 2.0

It looks like the Trump administration is starting to get a clearer sense of how and where it will invest in infrastructure improvements.

According to documents obtained by reporters from two McClatchy newspapers, the Trump administration has compiled a list of roughly 50 projects across the nation, totaling $137.5 billion, that may get funding as part of a large-scale investment in the nation’s rails, roadways, bridges, ports, and airports. This news comes out on the same day the Senate Democrats outlined details of their own $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

The leaked list contains “Emergency & National Security Projects,” according to a senior congressional aide, and would be funded via private-public partnerships. Many of the projects, ranging from airport and bridge updates and a number of mass transit expansions to energy projects like an Atlantic coast natural gas pipeline, were also on an earlier draft list assembled by the National Governors Association.

The White House has yet to comment on the document.

Some of the projects on the list, along with potential cost and projected employment impact, include:

Trump priority infrastructure list cover
  • A $10 billion replacement for the nation’s radar-based air traffic control system, called NextGen, based on satellites, which would cost $10 billion and create 2,300 direct jobs
  • Gateway Project to reconstruct the Northeast Rail Corridor between New York and New Jersey, expected to cost $12 billion and create 15,000 direct jobs
  • A National Research Lab for Infrastructure at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, that would cost $2 billion and create 2,300 direct jobs
  • An Atlantic Pipeline traversing West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina that would cost approximately $5 billion and employ a projected 10,000 people
  • Repairing the 15 bridges that support Philadelphia’s I-95 expressway, a major roadway on the East Coast, which is estimated to cost $8 billion and create 15,800 direct jobs
  • Plains and Eastern Electric Transmission Line across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas that would move cheap wind power from the Texas Panhandle to Memphis, Tennessee, that could power 1 million homes; projected cost, $2.5 billion, with 2,300 potential jobs
  • A Texas Central Railway between Houston and Dallas that would cost $12 billion and create 40,000 direct jobs; the 240-mile trip would take approximately 90 minutes
  • Extending New York City’s Second Avenue Subway across nearly the entirety of Manhattan; the $14.2 billion investment would create 16,000 direct jobs

We’ve reached out to get confirmation about the document, which you can see in its entirety here, and will update when we hear back. Update: A Trump transition team member has said the list didn’t originate with the transition team.

Curbed editors from across the country have weighed in on how these potential plans may impact their respective cities. New York City editor Amy Plitt noted that the preliminary estimates for NYC projects may be way off: “As far as the Gateway Project goes, other reports have put the price tag for this much higher—last year, Amtrak said it could cost as much as $23.9 billion to complete the entire project.” Detroit editor Robin Runyan pointed out that the proposed Gordie Howe Bridge to Canada has been in the works for years, but stalled due to land rights on the American side. Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel “Matty” Moroun owns land needed for the American plaza and he does not want this bridge built.