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Portable solar panel and battery brings clean energy on the go

It’s good for 60 smartphone charges

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portable solar panel and battery Solpad

Setting up most compact solar panel systems entail connecting a number of complicated components, from the panels themselves to battery packs and power-management devices. But a new product line from SolPad promises a fully integrated system that generates, stores, and feeds out energy, all in the same device.

The company’s forthcoming SolPad Mobile contains a 72W solar panel, 600Wh battery, inverter, control system, WiFi hotspot, and built-in light. The 25-pound panel measures just 28” by 21” by 1.8” and will be capable of powering household electronics. The battery is fully charged by 10 hours of sunlight and can power the equivalent of at least 60 smartphone charges, 30 digital camera or tablet charges, a handful of laptop or drone charges, or running a mini-fridge for about 10 hours.

The panels can also be daisy-chained together to create larger micro-grids. As for the cost, it’ll be about $1,395 for pre-orders starting in May. Shipping begins in the fall.

Via: Treehugger, CleanTechnica