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Burly adventure camper is prepped to go off-grid

It even comes with a dog crate

The LC79 off-road vehicle by Patriot Campers.
All photos courtesy of Patriot Campers

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure vehicle—or maybe just need a rugged getaway car—look no further than this all-black rig from Australia-based Patriot Campers. The LC79 Super Tourer double cab starts with a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, then is tricked out with everything from survival basics to creature comforts.

The V8 turbo diesel, upgraded suspension, and beefy tires are built for going off road, and the truck’s panels are made from aluminum to maximize the payload and towing capacity. On the passenger side of the truck a large tool box holds a functional kitchenette; a similar toolbox on the driver’s side is made for storage.

The LC79 starts at $91,000, but the higher priced, entirely customizable models can come equipped with pricey James Baroud rooftop tents, Recaro seats, exterior lights, dog crate trays, and shade canopies.