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Medieval ruin in Denmark reborn as observation tower

Already a major tourist attraction, the Kalø Castle is now interactive

medieval danish ruins with new staircase All photos by David A. Garcia via Designboom unless otherwise noted

Ah, ancient ruins. Sometimes all we want is to visualize them whole again, but sometimes we want more. And more is what was given to the 700-year-old “Kalø Castle” near Aarhus, Denmark.

Abandoned for centuries, the three-story brick structure was recently reborn as a rad observational tower, thanks to a tastefully modern staircase that zig-zags discreetly up the medieval ruin. The intervention, designed by Copenhagen-based firm MAP Architects, is made of steel frames clad in ash wood, and, per Designboom, has been heat-treated to last up to 60 years without the need for paint.

Allowing a close-up look at the castle innards, the staircase is almost entirely concealed within the structure. From afar, one can only see the few glass-fronted small balconies that offer sweeping views of the landscape.

Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen via Designboom

Via: Designboom