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Harvard’s free online architecture course is back for another year

‘The Architecture of Imagination’ has been extended through May 30

Exterior shot of triangular, concrete building with glass windows by the sloping roofline.
Gund Hall, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Photo by Peter Alfred Hess via Flickr

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information.

For built-world enthusiasts looking to grow their knowledge about the history of architecture, look no further than “The Architecture of Imagination,” the popular free online course offered by Harvard Graduate School of Design. First offered last year, it’s been extended through May 30.

Covering “the fundamental principles of architecture—as an academic subject or a professional career—from a study of history’s important buildings” over a period of 10 weeks, the course teaches students how to “read” architecture not only as a “cultural expression” but also as a “technical achievement” by examining exemplary buildings, and through drawing and modeling exercises.

The self-paced course is currently open and available to all who wish to enroll on the platform edX. It’s taught by K. Michael Hays, a professor of architectural theory and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Erika Naginski, a professor of architectural history and the Director of Graduate Studies; Antoine Picon, a professor of the history of architecture and technology and the Technology Director of Research at Harvard University; and PhD student Lisa Haber-Thomson.

The course is free of charge, but students can obtain a verified certificate of completion for $99. Learn more here, and watch a teaser trailer for the course below.