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London maisonette gets bright and airy extension

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A simple plywood unit makes up the kitchen, storage, and a staircase

Interior shot of minimalist lower level kitchen and dining area with white walls, polished concrete floor, and a plywood unit containing the kitchen area, cabinetry, and, on the other side, stairs leading to the second floor.
The architect extended the back wall to create an expanded kitchen, dining, and living area.
Photos via Dezeen

Here’s another renovation, this time in London, that uses humble plywood to open up a room and create storage while also adding a bit of lightness to the space. The two-story maisonette (making up the lower two floors of a Victorian terrace house) was reimagined by architect Larissa Johnston, who, in an effort to create a better, more sensible flow within the home, moved the bedrooms to the upper floor, while bringing the kitchen and living area to the lower level.

This change involved expanding the ground floor toward the back garden to let more light in, with the result being a box-like extension with a skylight and sliding glass doors making up much of the outer wall. The new kitchen also resides there, and it’s contained in a plywood unit with cabinetry and other storage. It also forms the shelf-lined staircase, underneath which are a utility room and small bathroom.

The rest of the home is similarly spare, with white walls, polished concrete floors on the lower floor and dark hardwood floors on the second level. Take a look below, then head to Dezeen for more.

Via: Dezeen