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Striking modern cabin rises among Chilean mountains

Its bold angles seem to mimic the dramatic landscape surrounding it

geometric cabin in Chilean mountains Gonzalo Iturriaga via Dezeen

This stunning mountain home near the city of San Esteban, Chile, brings modern cabin architecture to new heights. Its crisp geometric lines and dramatic angles are covered with a blackened pine facade—a traditional Japanese style that’s becoming quite trendy.

The interior, by contrast, is paneled in light, untreated wood with minimalist, built-in furniture. The difference creates a stark divide between outside and in, giving the impression of a refuge from harsh elements beyond the cabin’s faceted walls.

The 700-square-foot home was designed by architect Gonzalo Iturriaga for a mountaineering client who wanted a calm and simple retreat. The resulting RF C9 house offers two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a large living room/kitchen.

An enormous window wall in the living room allows sweeping views of the mountain range beyond, while other strategic cuts in the facade provide natural ventilation from the mountain breezes.

Via: Dezeen