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Minimalist Tokyo cafe serves ‘world’s first hand-dripped tea’

This simple, spare room is all about the tea

minimalist tea cafe interior Tokyo Saryo via Spoon & Tamago

Pour-over coffee may be all the rage in trendy enclaves around the world, but in the Sangenjaya area of Tokyo, hand-drip green tea seems to be the ascendant beverage of choice. Earlier this month, a daringly pared-back tea cafe opened in the neighborhood, featuring a clean-lined bar counter, simple geometric stools, and what is claimed to be the world’s first pour-over green tea service.

Just as coffee aficionados argue that pour-overs achieve optimal brew time, so do the proprietors of Tokyo Saryo. Only instead of single-origin beans, they offer a small selection of fine green teas brewed by pouring hot water over the leaves.

Much like their custom-built brewing apparatus, the cafe’s owners created a space optimized for enjoying tea. The room’s neutral colors and distinct lack of clutter emphasize its finer architectural touches: a recessed lighting cove around the outer edge of the ceiling, a small reveal at the base of the wall, and a larger reveal beneath the warm natural wood counter. All this combines to create a sense of lightness, like the perfect porcelain vessel for a good cup of tea.

Via: Spoon & Tamago