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This mini Victorian dream home was built with Legos

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If you can’t buy your dream house, why not build it?

A miniature Victorian house with dark red walls and dark green roofing with ornate details like a turret, wrap around porch, and more, made out of Legos.
The Victorian Dream Home Project took three months to design.
Photos courtesy of Michael Comeau

If you can’t buy your dream house, then there’s another way to make it yours—by building it. That’s exactly what Michael Comeau did to make his dream a reality. But instead of working with timber, he used Legos, creating the Victorian Dream Home Project.

“It is a dream of mine to own a Victorian house one day,” says Comeau, “but due to financial reasons, I am unable to. I figured there were other people out there in the same situation.”

After working on the design for three months, he submitted the project to Lego Ideas, a program that allows users to propose new builds that, depending on the number of supporters, could get picked up for production.

Made of approximately 3,000 pieces, the two-story Queen Anne-style home features all the charming facets of a Victorian—albeit in miniature—including a turret, wrap-around porch, finials, decorative gables, stained glass windows, bay windows, railings, and ornate (plastic) woodwork.

The level of detail doesn’t stop there: The interiors boast a spiral staircase, chandeliers, two fireplaces, a foyer with built-in shelving, a grandfather clock—and, of course, a tiny family living in it.

The house measures approximately 10.5" high, 9” deep, and 14” wide, and has a color scheme of dark red or white bricks for the main facade, and dark green for the roofing. The project was constructed using existing Lego molds, as per the guidelines, but if it gets picked up, the company could manufacture the pieces in new colors. Take a look below, and learn more here.