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5 tiny houses we loved this week: from a ‘Craftsman’ stunner to a wheelchair-friendly solution

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These are pretty impressive

tiny house
“Golden” from American Tiny House
Tiny House Swoon

2016 was a fabulous year for inventive tiny houses of all stripes, and 2017 is already off to a strong start. Here, we catch you up on the latest standout projects you should know.

Craftsman-style lovers, we got the tiny house for you. Designed by Handcrafted Movement, the same studio behind the Pinterest-ready “Artisan Retreat,” the 290-square-foot “Urban Craftsman” shows off deep blue wall paneling and herringbone floors, not to mention a curbed oak butcher block countertop and teeny breakfast bar, and geometric open shelving. That’ll be $72,000, please.

(Photos via New Atlas)

Tiny Heirloom

Well, this is new and cool: The entire front facade of this 28-foot-long modern tiny house is covered with commercial-grade climbing panels, so its owners can rock climb anywhere they go. Designed by Tiny Heirloom, the home features a garage-style door opening it up to the outside, plus a built-in seating area and lofted office/lounge.

(Photos via New Atlas)

It’s hard to find a more meticulously thought out and beautifully executed tiny house than the “Golden” from American Tiny House. Functionally, you get a bright loft over a relatively spacious living room, stairs with custom cubbies (including one for a record player), and a two-seat bar office in the kitchen. Stylistically, there’s trendy grey cabinetry, a farmhouse sink, plus herringbone details and planters on the exterior.

(Photos via Tiny House Swoon)

It’s not everyday we see a sleek modern tiny house that’s fully accessible as well, but the Wheel Pad does just that. Intended as a wheelchair-friendly secondary dwelling, the 200-square-footer features a ramp access, and an open living area with a bed and desk on one end and a bathroom with a composting toilet, sink, and shower on the other. The Wheel Pad is available for purchase for $50,000, or for rent at $1,500 per month.

(Photos via New Atlas)

The Trinity tiny house by Alabama Tiny Homes looks pretty typical from the outside, but the interior layout probably isn’t what you’re used to—in a good way. Instead of a staircase that goes along the length of the dwelling, this tiny house fits one along the width, making room for a spacious living area with a lofted bed over it. It almost feels like a typical full-size open-plan apartment, with a kitchen counter overlooking the living area.

(Photos via Tiny House Talk)