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Modern house combines art gallery and swanky home

We’d live here

This four-volume concrete house in Spain has room for living quarters (upstairs) and exhibition space on the first floor.
Photos by 05 AM Arquitectura via Designboom

The phrase “living in a museum” is scarcely a compliment, and calls to mind the decaying home and grounds of, say, Grey Gardens.

That’s a far more traditional—and dispiriting—image than this cool geometric modern house created by Spanish studio 05 AM Arquitectura to serve as both a private home and a gallery in an undisclosed location in Spain.

Comprising four connected volumes of varying heights, the board-formed-concrete and glass house has separate levels for the daily life of its owners (on the second story) and showing off their collection of contemporary art (on the first).

The tilted roofline and angular volumes call to mind Japanese houses we’ve covered recently on our pages, which range from a concrete dwelling with an asymmetric roof to a multi-generational home with storage space for 30,000 books (!) and many in between.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been enamored of 05 AM’s work: In October, we wrote about the studio’s renovation of a 19th-century apartment outside Paris.

Via: Designboom