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Furniture designer builds himself a curvy, wooden dream home

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Bring on the loop-de-loops

House clad in steam-bent wood All photos via Designboom

British furniture designer Tom Raffield is known for his curvy furniture and lighting made from steam-bent wood. And now, he’s put his craft on full display in a new two-story extension to a gamekeeper’s lodge in the English countryside.

Belonging to Raffield and his wife, the dwelling is an architectural-scale exploration of their intricate steam-bent wood technique. The edges of the structure, including the second-floor balcony railings, come curved, just like the hanging seats seen on both stories. The stone facade of the completely restored lodge also shows off some bent wood bench seating.

Wood also reigns supreme inside, where sustainably-sourced timber finishes will mature over time. More of Raffield’s furniture designs take center stage here, including a few twisted lights, sofas, mirror, and hanger.

Via: Designboom