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Vietnamese hotel features balconies overflowing with greenery

Atlas Hoi An is located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Brick hotel features concrete balconies overflowing with green plants.
The facade is made with locally sourced sandstone.
Photos by Oki Hiroyuki via The Spaces

Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia and his firm are known for verdant buildings, ones that incorporate lush greenery by way of giant planters, winding rooftop gardens, and “green steel.” A new hotel called Atlas Hoi An, after the south central coast UNESCO World Heritage Site in which it is located, follows after this trend, with concrete balconies that are outfitted with overflowing planters.

The 48-room hotel comprises four volumes raised on concrete pillars and features a simple facade constructed with locally-sourced sandstone. The foliage, which appears to cascade down the structure, provides shade as well as privacy and ventilation. Natural light is able to penetrate the hotel through a pattern of punctures on the brick walls.

Other amenities include a spa, gym, and restaurant that are arranged around a courtyard with swimming pool. The restaurant also boasts greenery, where a slatted ceiling has been strung with hanging plants. Take a look around.

Via: The Spaces