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Permits for bicyclists? Minnesota lawmaker wants to make it so

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Cyclists would be required to undergo safety training under the new rule

Well, this is something: A member of the Minnesota House of Representatives has proposed legislation to require that bicyclists in the state purchase permits to use bike lanes, reports the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

The official, Representative Duane Quam (R-Minnesota), proposed the rule last Thursday, arguing that tragic accidents involving vehicles and cyclists could have been prevented by better training and education for cyclists. Quam was immediately met with opposition from citizen cyclists.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s executive director, Ethan Frawley, told the Pioneer Press that the “legislation would do nothing but make riding more cumbersome,” adding “[the rule] isn’t solving any particular problem that anyone knows about.”

Under the rule, bikers would, like drivers, need to pass a test and anyone under the age of 15 would be prohibited from cycling in bike lanes.

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