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Ikea’s ‘hackable’ sofa bed will debut at Milan Design Week

The Delaktig sofa will be all about the add-ons

Ikea’s upcoming Delaktig sofa bed
Ikea’s upcoming Delaktig sofa bed
Photo via Dezeen

For as long as time, people have been reinterpreting Ikea furniture with their wildest imaginations, creating everything from an Ikea Eames Lounge Chair to a boisterous coworking space to all kinds of oddities in between. And now, the Swedish retailer wants to be a part of that action.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ikea plans to start selling a modular sofa in 2018 that’s intended to be “hacked” with add-ons—like apps on a smartphone. For those following Ikea closely, the Delaktig sofa would be the first product from the much-teased “top secret” collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon.

Billed as a mid-range option priced between $399 and $899, the flatpack Delaktig sofa is made of an extruded aluminum frame that’s 40 percent recycled and a wood-slat base. The design will allow for easy clip-ons like a lamp, side table, armrests, and more. It would also welcome whatever hacks third-party designers can think of.

A modular sofa chair from Ikea’s new PS 2017 collection

The idea is that consumers can easily adapt the sofa to fit their changing needs and space constraints. Modular, multi-functional furniture has very much been a theme in Ikea’s latest collections, so we can only expect more to come from the Delaktig project. In the meantime, expect to see more updates on the Delaktig project this April during this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, where Ikea will debut the Delaktig sofa, along with matching accessories.

Via: Wall Street Journal

This article was originally published on 1/30/17. Last updated: 2/16/17