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Modern hostel in Bangkok is just 13 feet wide

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Cozy and compact

modern hostel in Bangkok with narrow footprint Jirayu Rattanawong via Contemporist

From the shipping-container-based to the rammed-earth-made to the high-design, we’ve covered our share of striking hostels around the world. But is Bangkok’s new Bed One Block Hostel—measuring five stories and just 13 feet wide—the narrowest one yet?

Like the incredible vertical modern residences found around Vietnam, the new hostel designed by local firm A Millimetre has a striking facade identity, with perforated white steel providing at once visual appeal, filtered light, and a bit of privacy. In the “lobby,” a narrow but deep series of tiered bench seating provides a relaxed common space for guests to lounge, work, or converse.

When it comes to the actual lodging areas, familiar bunk beds still reign. But a neat feature in some rooms is the discreet tiny staircase that leads to the upper bunk, though there’s still plenty of ladders as well. Rooms also have a street-facing lounge with a sofa, and lockers for storage.

Via: Contemporist