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This new hotel in Paris consists of six adorable Finnish cottages

Koti promises a sleepover in Finland that wakes up in Paris

Four simple structures made with spruce timber and pastel barn doors are arranged around a similarly simple wooden table.
Just looking at this photo feels soothing.
Photos via Dezeen

There’s really only one word to describe Koti, a new hotel experience in Paris, and that’s adorable. Designed by the Helsinki-based interior architect Linda Bergroth behind this glass guest house, Koti promises “a sleepover in Finland” that “wake[s] up in Paris” by way of tiny wooden cabins given that undeniable Nordic—if not outright Scandinavian—treatment.

Conceived as part of Mobile Home 2017, a program celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence, Koti (Finnish for “home”) comprises six spruce timber aitta—storehouses, traditionally—that can accommodate up to 12 guests. They are arranged around a communal breakfast table within the Institut Finlandais and are meant to evoke the experience of a “common, shared home.” As you’ll see, they certainly evoke a feeling of warmth and a certain amount of glee.

The simple, gabled structures feature walls made of open siding that are not soundproofed, with sliding barn doors painted in pastel hues like mint green and dusty rose, and come in four configurations. A single accommodates one person in a space measuring five square meters (or about 54 square feet), a twin cottage with a bunk bed, a double cabin with a double bed, and a family cottage accommodating four people with two double bunk beds.

Finnish brands outfit the temporary hotel and include a table by Mattila & Merz, robes and slippers by Lapuan Kankurit, Innolux lamps, and Kaksikko coffee pots. A joint project of the Finnish Cultural Institutes of Paris, Berlin, London, and the Benelux countries, Koti will remain in Paris for 100 days until May, when it will be moved to a joint showcase in Helsinki.

Via: Dezeen