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New glowing crosswalks will help protect pedestrians in the Netherlands

The design has been shown to improve crosswalk visibility at night and in bad weather

LED-lit pedestrian crossing Photo via Lighted Zebra Crossing

Road crossings can be a dangerous place for pedestrians. But one Dutch company is using new technology to reimagine crosswalks, making them dramatically more visible to drivers. Lighted Zebra Crossing replaces the usual light-reflecting paint with illuminated light boxes, making them practically unmissable for approaching drivers.

Connected directly to a city’s existing streetlight system or solar panels, the rugged lighting strips draw very little power and can be embedded directly in the road’s asphalt or pavers. The system can also be augmented by adding a range of sensors measuring the number—and speed—of walkers and vehicles crossing it.

The system was tested for 12 months last year, withstanding the equivalent of 2,500,000 crossing cars and a wide range of weather conditions. They also hold up to ice-melting salt in winter.

The first illuminated crosswalk was unveiled in the Dutch village of Eerbeek in late November. Additional installations are planned for more towns across the Netherlands.

Via: ArchDaily