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Here are the cities with the most brand-new, and historic, homes for sale

Looking for an ample selection of new homes? Or abodes with historic charm? This study’s got you covered

Sometimes homebuyers just want a new home. Lower maintenance costs, up-to-date designs, and a definite lack of murder are on many a must-have list.

To determine which U.S. cities have appealingly high inventories of new homes, analyzed the housing markets of the country’s 400 largest towns. The results were a little surprising.

The ten cities with the highest percentage of for-sale homes built since 2013 are concentrated in the middle of the country, with Meridian, Idaho, leading the charge. A bedroom community for Boise’s growing tech scene, Meridian’s seen a surge of home construction in recent years. More than a third of the city’s housing market is newer construction with a median price just $25,000 above older homes for sale in the area.

Two towns in Texas also made the top ten: College Station and Frisco. Texas’ population has grown by more than 2.2 million people in just the last five years, and both College Station and Frisco have experienced building booms.

But what about folks who like a little history and old-timey appeal in a residence? The study also looked at the top ten cities for finding homes built before 1900.

The top six are all concentrated on the east coast, lead by the Boston/Cambridge area of Massachusetts. While more than a third of Boston’s for-sale inventory is over a century old, that history comes at a price of $50,000 above the median cost to buy a newer home.

Via: Realtor