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Lightweight e-bike makes city commuting a breeze

This foldable bike can even fit in your tiny apartment

A lightweight e-bike by ElectroBike
Courtesy of Electrobike

One of the most frustrating parts about using a bike to commute in the city is the problem of storage. It can be hard to fit a queen-size bed in some urban apartments, much less a full-sized bike. Luckily, folding e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in cities like Portland and San Francisco as a compact, efficient transportation alternative.

Some e-bikes suffer from a hefty price tag and too much weight, but a new version—called the Air-33—aims to change all that. The ultra-lightweight, eco-friendly, foldable electric bicycle is half the weight of many competitors and folds in 2 easy steps. It also features an integrated and removable lithium battery that charges in 2 hours and has a pedal-assist range of 35 miles.

The 33-pound bike can be used with traditional pedaling if you want a bit of exercise, as a hybrid pedal assist, or as a completely electric bike. It can hit top speeds of 20 miles per hour using only the throttle, and a handy LCD computer dashboard gives you access to figures on the bike’s speed, battery level, and distance traveled.

The e-bike is currently fully funded on Kickstarter, and a second Indiegogo campaign is selling the bikes for $999. The first Air-33 bikes will be shipped in February 2017.