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Bright and airy Swedish school promotes playfulness and spontaneity

The preschool through middle school is made up of about 500 students

Interior of massive space done in white and blonde wood with high ceilings, wall of windows, and short steps for sitting on.
A very cool school in Sweden.
Photos by Hundven-Clements Photography via Architizer

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Nordics are also great at imparting their design aesthetic on schools in addition to residences. Brinkskolan, a preschool, elementary, and middle school for about 500 students in Täby, Sweden (north of Stockholm) embodies the Scandinavian philosophy of creating spaces that commune with the environment and the people in it.

Designed by Oslo-based LINK Arkitektur, the school puts playfulness, creativity, and spontaneity, and sustainability at the forefront of its design, taking advantage of the sloping site on which it is located and the surrounding pine trees and forests.

The result is an open and airy space that accommodates a variety of room types, functions, and sizes arranged around a central hub that comprises the main entrance, dining hall, library, and assembly room, all done up in blonde wood. There are three additional annexes that house dormitories and classrooms. Because the school emphasizes openness, there are no closed corridors. Not a shabby place to learn.

Via: Architizer