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CES 2017: Kuri, a new AI assistant, wants to be your cute new robot butler

It’s being marketed as “insanely cute”—and we agree

Kuri, a new AI assistant and cute home security camera on wheels, is the work of California company Mayfield Robotics.
Photo courtesy Mayfield Robotics

CES 2017 kicks off today in Las Vegas, and news is dribbling out of the latest projects showcased at the annual tech blowout. This one, a very cute robotic home assistant named Kuri, is sure to delight even home tech skeptics.

Kuri, the work of California-based company Mayfield Robotics, is essentially a voice-command-activated security camera, and it responds to users with a number of bleeps and bloops, yes, but also something resembling (again—very cute) human facial expressions. Kuri is designed to not only keep an eye on your home, but also to be a new addition of sorts to your family.

Other cool Kuri features include an ability to return itself to the charging dock when it senses that it needs to power up, and a sensor-equipped body that allows it to detect nearby objects to avoid collisions and create a “mental” map of your home.

Kuri is just under two feet tall and weighs about 14 pounds. It’s compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and is available for pre-order here.

Source: Kuri