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CES 2017: Polaroid unveils compact new instant camera

Get ready to become your neighborhood’s Andy Warhol

Polaroid Pop aims to bridge the divide between traditional instant photos and the digital add-ons we know and love (like stickers and filters).
Photo courtesy Polaroid via Designboom

CES 2017 is lots of things, but few would call it nostalgic. Recent shows, though, have proven there’s room for wistfulness about the tech of yore: At last year’s CES, Kodak unveiled a new Super 8 camera (designed in collaboration with buzzy San Francisco-based industrial designer Yves Behar, no less) that has a look that harkens back to the original handheld.

Now comes news from this year’s show that Polaroid—which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year—is getting in on the updated-nostalgia action. The latest from the company is the Polaroid Pop digital camera, a sleek handheld unit with an LCD touchscreen clocking in at just under four inches. It’s got 1080-pixel, high-definition video recording capabilities and dual LED flash, which means your photos of architecture, design, and public art in your city are going to be that much nicer.

Polaroid Pop’s largely black casing comes in five and accent colorways, including red, white, blue, yellow, and black, and takes photos in three modes: black-and-white, full-color, and sepia. And, in true 21st-century fashion, users can add stickers and filters to their photos in the Polaroid app, which is available on Android and iOS devices.

Polaroid’s been mighty busy at CES, also announcing a drone camera and 4K TVs with built-in Google Chromecast. We imagine architectural photographers will make some fun use of that first development.

Via: Designboom