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‘Mini Metros’ illustrates 220 subway and light rail systems from around the world

Metros from Ottawa to Mecca to Bangkok

A selection of the 220 Mini Metros Peter Dovak has created.
A selection of the 220 Mini Metros Peter Dovak has created.
Image via Transit Oriented

These illustrations of the world’s subway systems by Washington, D.C.-based graphic designer and self-professed transit nerd Peter Dovak are not just marvelous, they’re also eye-opening. Called “Mini Metros,” the series comprises 220 metro and light rail systems from cities large and small that have been “shrunken and simplified” into minimal line drawings enclosed in a circle.

Some renderings feature just a single line or loop, as is the case in places like Hefei, China, Birmingham, and Glasgow, while others resemble a circuit board, like those of Seoul and Paris. They paint a fascinating picture of how different cities address—and adapt to—the need for public transportation. Dovak intends to update Mini Metros a few times a year to reflect new openings and extensions, as well as create new maps.

Each illustration follows a set of requirements: lines and spaces between parallel lines must be of a standardized width, while diagonals must be angled at 45 degrees. Prints of the full set of Mini Metros as well as mugs are available to purchase through Society6. Take a look below. Which illustrations are your favorite?

Via: FastCo.Design