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Tiny house doubles as rock climbing gym

For one climbing-obsessed couple, downsizing meant making room for the important things

Tiny Heirloom

While there’s a grand history of modern homes with climbing walls, this Mississippi tiny house takes the cake. The entire front facade of this 28-foot-long abode is covered with commercial-grade modular climbing panels, meaning that homeowners Breck and Kelsey can go for a climb anywhere they’re parked. The system also lets them reconfigure the handholds, so they’ll never get tired of their handy climbing routes.

Custom designed by Tiny Heirloom, the home features some high-end touches that further propel it to the heights of tiny house design. Similar to the totally tricked-out Alpha, this home has a garage-style door opening it up to the outside. A built-in seating area and lofted office/lounge provide plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing.

The kitchen has a full-sized oven and stove, with concrete countertops and a stainless steel farm sink. Bright blue cabinets provide a pop of color, and the brass handles are a nice, modern touch. The home also has a decently large bathroom complete with soaking tub and rainfall shower.

Via: New Atlas