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CES 2017: Lego announces robot-making toolkit for kids


Lego’s “Boost” toolkit lets kids ages seven and up learn to code and build robots, like this one.
Photos courtesy Lego

CES 2017 is on its second day today in Las Vegas, and major companies like Polaroid—alongside less widely known ones like California’s Mayfield Robotics—have been making announcements and showcasing new products.

Lego jumped into the fray today to unveil a toolkit that provides a set of parts for kids interested in building robots and learning how to code. Called Boost, the kit, meant for children ages seven and up, comes equipped with all the components needed to build five models: Vernie the Robot, the Guitar 4000, the Multi-Tool Rover 4 (M.T.R.4), Frankie the Cat, and the Autobuilder.

The Guitar 4000

Via an app (made available for free), kids will be able to follow along with a set of instructions, and build on three base components, including one for building animals, one for vehicles, and one that acts as an entrance to, say, international space stations of their own design.

Looking to snag this for your code-curious niece? It’ll be available sometime after mid-2017, and will retail for just shy of $160. Watch the (zippy) video below for more intel and see the kit in action.

Via: Dezeen