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Dreamy private beach cottage in New Zealand is the ultimate romantic escape

Pack your bags

Shot of the windowed living area perching above a private cove at dusk.
This private cove is all yours while you enjoy the cottage.
Photos by Simon Devitt via The Spaces

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a beautiful country, a fact that lovers of movies like Avatar and the hugely successful The Lord of the Rings franchise know well (at least on a pop culture level). This glass-and-stone holiday home situated in a private bay also takes advantage of this fact, framing stunning sea views with an expanse of windows that appears to perch above the cove.

Designed by Andrew Patterson, the asymmetrical cottage, called Seascape, is set into a escarpment and was built using local materials including rock quarried from a nearby site. The floors are made with in-situ poured concrete, ceilings lined with macrocarpa wood, and the roof is earth-turfed.

Accessible by helicopter or a 40-minute drive over rocky terrain, Seascape was designed to accommodate just two people, to be used as a honeymoon suite or romantic getaway, and features a single bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining, and living area with fireplace—all on one, open floor plan—and a deck with outdoor fireplace. It is available to rent through Annandale. Have a look below.

Via: The Spaces