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Powder pink hues create ‘ambiguous’ kitchen area in this apartment renovation

BoardGrove architects led this project in Melbourne

Interior shot of white kitchen featuring a raised floor tiled in light pink, concrete floor, white corian counter, and two metal arches also in pink.
The kitchen is meant to look like an “ambiguous” cooking area.
Photos courtesy of BoardGrove Architects

Do you want to bring a little more pink into your home but are wary of overdoing it? If the idea of painting even a single wall in that on-trend rosy hue scares you, here’s an apartment renovation in Melbourne by local studio BoardGrove Architects that employs just the right amount of color.

Led by Holly Board and Peter Grove (who also designed these sleek metal tables) the project called for reconfiguring the floor plan of an existing dwelling in order to maximize natural light as well as circulation among the different zones of the home.

Because the living, kitchen, and dining rooms made up one open space, the architects wanted to avoid making the kitchen the focal point. Instead, they reimagined it to be more of an “ambiguous” cooking area, laid out like “a collection of art-like objects.”

To accomplish this, the duo created a solid corian counter, a metal arched door, and a matching arched reveal, the latter two which are finished in a light powder pink. The sink, oven, stove-top and refrigerator are placed among these elements, and a portion of the floor is raised and tiled in the same hue. This palette softens the otherwise austere concrete floors and white walls.